Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Ideal Meal

Very smiple, very deliscious pasta! All you need are 5 simple ingrediants and your set.


*Prego Tomato Sauce
*Frozen chicken chunks
*Parmasaun cheese


1. Cook the pasta (doesn't matter what kind of pasta i.e. angel hair, bow tie, etc.) We used fusilli pasta.
2. Put frozen chicken chucks in the microwave for a minute or so (follow directions of the chicken package of course.)
3. As the pasta is cooking on the stove, put another pan on the stove and pour Prego tomato sauce, microwaved chicken chunks, and little pieces of broccoli in.
4. When they are both done cooking, strain the pasta and put into a bowl or on a plate.
5. Pour the mixed sauce on top and finish with some parmasaun cheese!
Thanks for reading our quick little meal idea that we have to share with you.
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