Wednesday, July 22, 2009

We were reading a post from the Lost Button Studio about how she hadn't posted in a while because she just needed a break. We thought that was a great idea (to take a break) because we have been so stressed trying to get everything up in time so that is why we haven't posted in a while. You definitely can expect a lot more in August and we still will post a little bit this following week.

Also, the winner of the poll said that they didn't mind if the Craft Corner was not on Saturday so it will still be weekly just not on Saturdays anymore so come find it.

One more thing, if you have a facebook make sure to become a fan of Bowl of Scraps on facebook because there are exclusive pictures that we have not shown on the blog so you can go look at those. The direct web address is right here but you need to have a facebook to connect to that link.

Baked with Love, <3
The Gourmet Scrappers

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