Saturday, May 16, 2009

Craft Corner

Have you ever been to Cold Stone Creamery? If you have, you'll know that everything about it is simply deliscious! But if you haven't, and you have no idea what I'm talking about...

Cold Stone Creamery is an ice cream shop. They have tons of ice cream flavors with tons of toppings, too. (They also have milkshakes, smoothies, etc.) You pick a size, pick an ice cream flavor, and pick any toppings you want. Then, they scoop out the flavor of ice cream that you wanted and put the topping you chose onto the (clean) counter. Hehe :) Next, they take two big spoons and mix it all together to make it creamy and delectable. There you go! Your own online tour of Cold Stone Creamery! :) But for even more, go to

BTW... This is why this week's TGiF poll is about ice cream! :) And don't forget to vote for your favorite ice cream flavor! (The TGiF poll is always on the right of our site, just under our 'Welcome!' segment.

The first creation I tried, was a 'Strawberry Pie' Cold Stone:

First, I cut up some strawberries into pretty little pieces.

Next, I scooped out some vanilla ice cream and sprinkled crushed graham cracker on top.

This is the ice cream with strawberries and graham cracker atop. We're ready to mix!

This is me mixing it all together, getting it 'creamified'. :)

The second Cold Stone creation we tried was your standard 'Cookie Dough'.

You put a few pieces of cookie dough on top of the vanilla ice cream you scooped. (I used 'Nestle Toll House Mini Cookies' Cookie Dough.)

Once again, mix it all up...

This one was very yummy... as you can tell by this photo. All gone!

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