Saturday, October 10, 2009

"No Measurements" Mac 'n' Cheese

"No Measurements" Mac 'n' Cheese


* any type of pasta you enjoy

*shredded cheese of any type

*a pinky size of butter


* pepper (optional)


1. Cook some pasta.

2. Once it's drained and ready to go, put on low heat. Stir in a piece of butter the size of your pinky.

3. Let it melt. Then cover the top of all the pasta with shredded cheese. Make sure you can't see any cheese. Turn heat on to low/medium.
4. Stir in the cheese and then pour a little milk to help stir it up. Keep adding as much as you need to if you want it thin. Try not to put in too much if you like it thick.

5. Once it's all stirred up, get a spoon and taste it. Add more cheese if you need and follow step 4.

6. Devour! It really is delicious!

It also goes great with Capri Sun for a afternoon snack or small midday meal. Maybe add some ants on a log with them too. We'll have that recipe up pretty soon too so make sure you look out for ants on a log:)
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